360poll is a simple tool
which allows to evaluate the company’s human capital

Do you use the 360-degree feedback method
to evaluate personnel at your company?

360-degree feedback is feedback that comes from members of an employee's immediate work circle.

Most often, 360-degree feedback will include direct feedback from an employee's subordinates, peers, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation. The results from a 360-degree evaluation are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan and map specific paths in their development. Results are also used by some organizations in making administrative decisions related to pay and promotions.

The assessment is conducted anonymously, and the results are only available to the person who administered the assessment (an HR person) and the employee who was being evaluated.


How it works

Installation of the plugin

360poll is a plugin to the Atlassian Confluence, which can be installed from marketplace.atlassian.com

Creating a poll

To create a poll, the person who administers the assessment needs to identify the individuals to be evaluated, evaluation criteria, as well as a number of additional parameters.

Participation in a poll

The survey participants evaluate criteria if necessary and rate personnel in accordance with the given criteria.

Analysis of results

Each evaluated employee has access to only his or her own evaluation results; however, the person administering the assessment (usually an HR person) has access to all the poll results. These results help HR personnel design training for the development of the employees’ specific skill sets and allow the employee to perform self-assessment of his or her own position within the company.